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Butterbee provides  clients with digitally-led branding and marketing services through our network of solutions.

What we do


Let’s create a unified and consistent identity and set up touch-points that aligns with your vision . We lay a solid foundation for your company through imagery, messaging, and content, from the look and feel of your website, to the words and phrasing used in the latest blog post


Web experiences should entertain engage, and educate modern-day consumers. With brand discovery happening online and people searching for solutions it is imperative for you to have a central hub that highlights your uniqueness,  and what products or services you provide.


We leverage the power to connect you with your clients through detail oriented campaigns across platforms created & executed to deliver results. It’s imperative for businesses, both large and small to be found for all the right reasons with the rise of digital platforms like FB, IG, Google etc. 


Authentic photos captures the true essence of your brand and that’s wy  we take the time to produce content (photo & video) that entertains potential and existing clients in a unique and creative way to ensure your brand stands apart from your competitors an always one step ahead.

Butterbee Creative

Stratigically led creative brand design

Butterbee Digital

The simple approach to digital marketing solutions

Butterbee Media

Visually capturing the true essence of your brand

Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems

Our passion and innovation for digital marketing and design gets your business online where it should be.

we are different

We design solutions that allows our clients to communicate their brand with customers  in a holistic & disciplined way.  

We challenge creativity, ignite passion and bring innovation to your brand with equal strength in Marketing, Design and Technical disciplines. 

While you’re taking care of business, who’s telling your story?

your Branding partner

Our branding services helps you to build trustworthy relationships with your clients and we’re committed to helping you reflect your company’s vision and values through your brand.

Product + Packaging Design

Stand out from the Crowd

Branding + Print media Design

Solidify your Brand identity

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